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Thessaloniki is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Greece as it is located next to the sea and there are many interesting places inside and in the surrounding areas to explore.

Renting a car from Salonica Rent a Car is essential as Thessaloniki is an excellent place that you can visit all year round and enjoy the sights, nightlife and entertainment as well as unique restaurants with a wide variety of tastes.

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Thessaloniki - Thermaikos

Choosing to rent a car from Salonica Rent a Car will give you the opportunity to move around the city with ease, to discover the beaches and the beautiful resorts just outside of it.

Our company Salonica Rent a Car, with two offices, one in the city center, inside the main hall of the New Railway Station of Thessaloniki and one in the area of ​​the MACEDONIA (SKG) airport, provides you with car rental services with pickup / delivery at the airport Thessaloniki (SKG) and at any hotel within the city without any additional charge.

Get to know the multitude of cultures that have coexisted for centuries in the city of Thessaloniki. Tour the Galerian Complex, visit the Jewish Museum, in an elegant listed building from 1904, and Kemal Atatürk's house-museum. On the beach, in a unique walk of iconic buildings, you will find the Harbor Warehouses that house the Photography Museum, the Cinema Museum and the Center for Contemporary Art. The White Tower, the emblematic monument of Thessaloniki, which rises on the beach, hosts inside an exhibition about the history of the city in a multimedia environment.

You can admire the castles and religious monuments, the Trigoni Tower with its incredible view and the evocative Eptapyrgio (Yendi Koule), the Ottoman monuments, the Vlatadon Monastery and Byzantine churches.

Lefkos Pyrgos, Ano Poli, Aristotelous, shopping in Tsimiski, bar hopping in Valaoritou, Film Festival in the harbor warehouses, entertainment in Ladadika and its lively hangouts, strolling through the arcades and spice markets, visiting museums and Byzantine monuments, food to the last drop with political and Mediterranean flavors, Thessaloniki will enchant you.

At every step a small "treasure", coffee bars with history, cozy bars for the few and the good, open bars with impressive design and sea view, clubs and concert venues in old factories that host rock live, but also artists from all over the world.

At night, the breeze of Thermaikos scatters experiences, each better than the last. Nightlife is one of the "strong" points of the city.

In this city of Northern Greece, entertainment is a tradition, as is the hot soup that awaits you at dawn.

Every year also countless people and cars flood the city as the Thessaloniki International Fair hosts the city's film festival as well as the Greek music festival.

Take advantage of our years of experience in the area and rent a car from Salonica Rent a Car and move economically and safely.

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