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With an ideal geographical location, Thessaloniki can become the base to discover the unique beauties of Greece.

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vergina pella

The ancient city!

Just one hour from Thessaloniki, an archaeological wonder protected by UNESCO, invites you to travel to the capital of ancient Macedonia and explore the burial chamber of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.

Today, Vergina gives us a clear picture of the ancient capital of Macedonia. It is not just an archaeological wonder, but one of the largest burial sites in the world – along with Mycenae, Troy and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt – because, like them, the most important tombs (including Philip II's) were discovered untouched and intact.

The royal tombs, which were only discovered in 1970 and are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are located inside a grass-covered hill, mimicking the original burial mound.

Start your cultural journey with a car from Salonica Rent a Car in the most sacred city of ancient Macedonia: Dion, which gained great importance and power during the flourishing years of the Macedonian kingdom (4th century BC). Here King Philip celebrated his great victories and here his son, Alexander, offered sacrifices to the gods before his campaigns.

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