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With its geographical location, Thessaloniki can become the base to discover the unique beauties of Greece. Choose a rental car from the wide variety offered by Salonica Rent a Car and travel economically and safely.

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Meteora - Kalabaka - Trikala

Meteora has been designated by UNESCO as a "World Heritage Site".

With a car from Salonica Rent a Car and as soon as you pass the town of Trikala you will see the Meteora in the distance of the horizon standing like huge fossilized giants. Arriving in Kalambaka you will admire them up close and stand in awe in their shadow. Between these mysterious rock volumes, you will feel an unprecedented experience: as if you are traveling back to the beginning of time.

In the distant era of geological rearrangements of the earth's crust, Meteora was a small island in a shallow sea that covered the entire Thessalian plain. There is no way you can pass through the area and not be impressed by these spectacular geological formations.

In Meteora, Kastraki and Kalambaka you will come and come again many times, but all of them will be as enchanting as your first.

The first hermitages were erected high above the ground in the crevices of the rocks, somewhere in the 12th century. Later, the monasteries were built and little by little monastic communities began to be organized, reaching 24 in number by the 14th century. But the heyday of Meteora and monasticism peaked between the 15th and 16th centuries. The religious heritage of Meteora attracts visitors from all over the world, who visit the churches and monasteries located in an area with an exceptional and unique landscape. Religious tourism combines spiritual, cultural and historical issues and at the same time highlights the national identity of Greece.

Our company Salonica Rent a Car, with two offices, one in the city center, inside the main hall of the New Railway Station of Thessaloniki and one in the area of ​​the MACEDONIA (SKG) airport, provides you with car rental services with pickup / delivery at the airport Thessaloniki (SKG) and at any hotel within the city without any additional charge.

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